SugarShack Animation was founded by the folks who created "Lil' Bush," the most successful Mobisode series ever. "Lil' Bush" is the first example of original mobile content re-packaged for another medium, in this case, national television.

SugarShack Animation is a full service digital studio with a focus on television series productions. Our state-of-the-art pipeline is modeled after the latest Los Angeles Flash animation studio workflows and offers all phases of the animation process from original idea to final output.

With offices in Hollywood, California; Miami, Florida and Sofia, Bulgaria we employ some of the most talented and experienced artists stateside and abroad including Emmy Award winning writers and producers. Keeping within a modest budget, SugarShack Animation has produced as much as 60 minutes per month of network quality Flash animation for broadcast. We continually pursue innovative ways to blend traditional and cutting edge digital animation methods to deliver unique looks and styles.

Our European production crew speaks fluent English and is supported by a small team of Los Angeles-based producers, writers and project-management professionals. We have more than 50 full time employees on staff with access to another 70 professionals in Sofia and in Los Angeles as needed. The studio's employees have a combined 14,582 years of production experience!